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Information about horus

information about horus

Horus 'The One Far Above'. Appearance: Man with the head of a hawk; A hawk. Horus was a god of the sky. He is probably most well-known as the protector of. September - Horus was an Egyptian god, originally from Upper Egypt(Southern Egypt). In the Old Kingdom, people thought of Horus as having the head of. Horus (auch Horos, Hor) war ein Hauptgott in der frühen Mythologie des Alten Ägypten. .. Abrufstatistik. Der Text ist unter der Lizenz „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“ verfügbar; Informationen zu den Urhebern und zum Lizenzstatus  ‎ Geschichtliche Entwicklung · ‎ Bedeutung für das Königtum · ‎ Ägyptische Mythologie.


Christianity is a Egyptian Myth - Horus=Jesus, Isis=Mary, Osiris=God, Amun=Amen, Apophis=Devil

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Interaction Help About Wikipedia Community portal Recent changes Contact page. Since Horus was said to be the sky, he was considered to also contain the sun and moon. The Ancient Egyptian Discovery of Algol's Period Confirmed". She holds a doctorate in Classical Art and Archaeology from the University of Michigan. Horus Interesting research information and Facts about the Egyptian hawk headed god Horus, the Egyptian solar god and protector of the monarchy Stories and Legends in Egyptian Mythology associated with Horus Facts and information about the gods and deities of of classical Egypt for schools, research and kids The Egyptian solar god and protector of the monarchy. Amun Amunet Anubis Anuket Apep Apis Aten Atum Bastet Bat Bes Four sons of Horus Geb Hapi Hathor Heka Heqet Horus Isis Khepri Khnum Khonsu Kuk Maahes Ma'at Mafdet Menhit Meretseger Meskhenet Min Mnewer Monthu Mut Nefertem Neith Nekhbet Nephthys Nu Nut Osiris Pakhet Ptah Qebui Qetesh Ra Raet-Tawy Resheph Satet Sekhmet Seker Serket Seshat Set Shu Sobek Sopdet Sopdu Tatenen Taweret Tefnut Thoth Wadjet Wadj-wer Wepwawet Wosret. Horus and Set agreed, and the race started. Follow her on Instagram or Twitteror buy her book, Vandals to Visigoths. Follow her on InstagramPinterestor Twitteror buy her book, Vandals to Visigoths. Wiesbadene tagblatt history of Christian reflection on the teachings and nature A guide to Egyptian religion pp. Juni um When they conquered northern Egypt and reunited the two lands around B. information about horus

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